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Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut Resistant Gloves

 Item No : S06402

Product Name: Cut Resistant Gloves

Material: HPPE + Nylon+Silicon

 Size: 7/8/9/10/11

 EN388, EN420, CE


In personal protective equipment (PPE), cut-resistant gloves are those designed to protect the wearer's hands from cuts while working with sharp tools. They can be divided into metal mesh gloves, cut-and-sewn, and seamless knitted gloves.

Metal mesh gloves are a form of chainmail and are made of rings of stainless steel. They are typically used in food applications.

Cut-and-sewn gloves can be made using a cut-resistant material or by using conventional materials with full or palm lining of cut-resistant materials. The materials are cut to shape and sewn into a glove.



(1) Excellent resistance to abrasion and cutting

(2) Anti-cutting grade: 3-level anti-cutting, 5-level anti-cutting, various options

(3) Gloves feel cool, comfortable to wear, non-disposable gloves, easy to clean

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