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Safety Helmets Manufacturer

As a safety helmets manufacturer, T-safety provides customers with a wide range of industrial helmets in different colors, grades, and different styles such as. Japanese style helmets, American style helmets, European style helmets for customers with different needs to choose from.

Our various products are widely used in accident prone areas. These products are manufactured using quality raw materials and are extensively evaluated by quality assessors to ensure accuracy in manufacturing. Some of the distinguishing features of our ISI marked products are: 1. durability 2. buckle design 3. sturdy construction 4. weather resistance

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Why Choose Us as Your Safety Helmets Manufacturer?

T-safety is a preeminent manufacturer and exporter of personal protective equipment, specializing in providing helmets, head protection related products. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by providing quality products and services to establish a long term relationship with your Helmet, Head Protection supplier. With years of experience, we have the core technical knowledge of helmets, head protection to meet the needs of our customers. t-safety has a large inventory of items and also our fast, trusted service as well as support, making it very easy to find and buy what you need.

We also provide Vented Hard Hats, Full Brim Hard Hats, Comfortable Work Hard Hats.

Material: The shell material is made of ABS or HDPE

Available colors: yellow, blue, white, red

Can I add my own logo: Yes! T-safety accepts customization of any product!

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