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Industrial Safety Hard Hats

Industrial Safety Hard Hats

Season: Every day

Item No: S01108

Type:Ratchet Suspension

Style:Cap Style

Product Type: Hard Hats

Gender:Men, Women


Color:Black, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red, Pink, White, Gray


Active work sites can be busy and potentially dangerous places. Hard hats are designed to comfortably protect a worker’s head, and they can go a long way toward helping reduce workplace injuries.

Put on the airflow and cooling fit of vented hard hats. These helmets come in a variety of colors and styles from many top name brands. They are ideal for warm weather and vented to help regulate body temperature and keep things cool and comfortable.


. High-density HDPE or ABS shell,

. Classic V-Design, rigid and durable,

. Fiber tape head hoop for better comfort,

. Ratchet adjustment knob, tight and reliable,

. The 4-point attachment provides impact protection,

. Color can choose blue, yellow, red, orange, green, or customized.

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