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I Type Custom Industrial Safety Helmets

I Type Custom Industrial Safety Helmets

. High-density HDPE or ABS shell,

. Soft new PP material for the head hoop,

. Ratchet adjustment knob, tight and reliable,

. Vents to dissipate heat rapidly,

. Go with different brands ear muffs and safety masks,

. 4-point attachment provides impact protection,

. Color can choose blue, yellow, red, orange, green, or customized.


I Type Custom Safety Helmets

Today your hard hat does more than protect your head. It represents you, your company, your achievements, and even your patriotism. Our top-quality I type custom safety helmets allow you to put your logo on it, and show your personal characteristics. Our top of the line custom safety helmets not only protect your head, but also represent you, your company and your personality.

T-safety helmet manufacturer use state-of-the printing technology to produce the highest quality printed hard hats on the market.These custom safety helmets come in a variety of colours (i.e. white, red, pink, blue, orange, green, and yellow). 


(1)Level of the hard hat: Class C.

(2)Material: High-purity ABS/ HDPE housing with out of impurities (more substantial and more durable than other cheaper impurities).

(3)Colour selection:blue, yellow, red, orange, green, or customised.

(4)Custom Safety Helmets requirements: ODM, OEM accepted.

(5)Size: Suitable head circumference 500 mm-650 mm.

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