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V Type Yellow Industrial Safety Helmet

V Type Yellow Industrial Safety Helmet

. High-density HDPE or ABS shell,

. Vents to dissipate heat rapidly.

. Classic V-Design, rigid and durable,

. Faber tape head hoop for better comfort,

. Ratchet adjustment knob, tight and reliable,

. 4-point attachment provides impact protection,

. Color can choose blue, yellow, red, orange, green or customized.


Safety helmets are personal protective equipment designed to protect the upper part of workers’ heads from falling or flying objects, impact, burns, and electrical hazards. In the construction and mining industries, workers must be equipped with safety helmets.

One of the most popular helmet styles available, T-safety V Type Yellow Safety Helmet features the iconic V-shaped crown and comes in a variety of color options.

More Details :

Color: Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green or Customized
Materials:HDPE (ABS is available)
Adjust Manner:Ratchet (53cm-64cm), buckle is available
Harness:4 points webbing Suspension
Chin strap:Adjustable 
Application:Use for working of construction, aerial working, overhead working, industrial etc.



(1)Three variable air vents for maximum ventilation

(2)Decentralized stress

The shell is elliptical or hemispherical, and the surface is smooth when the object falls on the cap sell, the object can not stay immediately falls; to avoid the impact of a certain concentration in the cap shell to reduce the stress per unit area.

(3)Buffer damping effect

There is a gap between the cap and the cap with 25-50mm. When the object strikes the helmet, the cap shell does not directly affect the head due to the deformation of the force.

(4)V-type heightened vent hole design

Head nail V-word height, left and right sides have three ventilation holes, improve the safety factor, excellent comfort.

(5)Adjust the belt

Helmets behind the teeth of the regulation belt, the perfect fixed helmet, more secure protection of the head, hold down the black button, you can adjust its tightness.

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