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Wholesale Sound Proof Ear Muffs

We offer a wide range of wholesale ear protection products including safety earmuffs and earplugs. You can wholesale sound proof ear muffs from T-safety at great prices.

T-safety wholesale sound proof ear muffs are made from sound-dampening foam and are ANSI certified to effectively filter sound to a minimum while providing you with maximum comfort. Workers in many industries should wear wholesale sound proof ear muffs to provide hearing protection.

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Benefits of Sound Proof Ear Muffs

-Effective Noise Suppression. The multi-layer sound proof ear muffs cover your ears seamlessly, effectively reducing noise to a safe level, protecting your hearing and preventing potential hearing damage.

-Comfortable Wearing experience. The padded headband conforms to the contours of your head for a secure fit without causing discomfort; the skin-friendly faux leather ear cushions provide all-day comfort. The headband is adjustable and the comfortable foam ear cups can be rotated 360 degrees and adjusted to fit most people's size.

-Various Applications. These safety sound proof ear muffs serve as great hearing protection for construction work, ground support, shooting ranges, hunting, sporting events, band practice and more.

-Good compatibility. Provide enough protection and comfort when worn simultaneously with other PPE such as safety helmets or safety glasses.

Choosing Sound Proof Ear Muffs

1. The degree of noise reduction

The primary consideration in selecting sound proof ear muffs is their ability to provide sufficient noise reduction to reduce worker exposure to a safe level. Larger and noisier environments require higher levels of noise reduction. However, they should not be overprotective, which could instead create a hazard as workers are unable to confirm what is going on in their surroundings in time.

2. Working environment

When choosing the right sound proof earmuffs, you also need to consider the working environment conditions beyond the noise level. For example, do workers need to wear other head personal protective equipment, such as safety goggles, helmets or respirators? If so, it is important to consider the compatibility of sound-proof earmuffs and choose the type that can be worn along with other PPE.

The size of the space, temperature or duration of noise in the work environment may influence the decision to choose sound-proof earmuffs.

3. Comfort and convenience

Sound proof ear muffs are only fully functional when worn correctly, so comfort and convenience should be considered when choosing them. Choose earmuffs that are easier to remove and replace quickly, and check the breathability and softness of the acoustic material.

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