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Wholesale Sound Proof Ear Muffs

We offer a wide range of wholesale ear protection products including safety earmuffs and earplugs. You can wholesale sound proof ear muffs from T-safety at great prices.

T-safety wholesale sound proof ear muffs are made from sound-dampening foam and are ANSI certified to effectively filter sound to a minimum while providing you with maximum comfort. Workers in many industries should wear wholesale sound proof ear muffs to provide hearing protection.

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-Effective Noise Suppression

The multi-layer sound proof ear muffs cover your ears seamlessly, effectively reducing noise to a safe level, protecting your hearing and preventing potential hearing damage.

-Comfortable Wearing experience

The padded headband conforms to the contours of your head for a secure fit without causing discomfort; the skin-friendly faux leather ear cushions provide all-day comfort. The headband is adjustable and the comfortable foam ear cups can be rotated 360 degrees and adjusted to fit most people's size.

-Various Applications

These safety sound proof ear muffs serve as great hearing protection for construction work, ground support, shooting ranges, hunting, sporting events, band practice and more.

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