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Safety Works Ear Muffs

Safety Works Ear Muffs

Brand: T-Safety

Model Number: S04215

Product Name: Safety Works Ear Muffs


Safety Works Ear Muffs

Safe works ear muffs, with ergonomic design, are hearing protection devices suitable for wearing at work. With strong sound insulation, they provide long-term adequate hearing protection for workers working on construction sites or operating large machinery, effectively preventing harmful noise from entering your ears and improving your work efficiency.

Softly padded headband is made of new PP material, comfortable to wear, and adjustable in size to meet different head needs. Long time wearing ears will not be uncomfortable. T-safety Safety Works Ear Muffs are CE-certified and quality-assured.


Safety Works Ear Muffs Features:

-Padded headband for comfort. The safety works ear muffs headband is padded with high-density foam material and finished with a soft leather wrap. It provides adequate heat dissipation while being comfortable and can be folded for easy storage and portability.

-Adjustable Sizes. Whatever your head shape and head size, you can be sure that the adjustable stainless steel band of these headphones will help you get a good fit. This way, the safety ear muffs provide better noise insulation.

Safety Works Ear Muffs Performance:

  1. New PP material for shell and head hoop.

  2. Easy slide cup adjustment.

  3. High-quality sponges in the shell.

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