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Bulk Hard Hats

If you need to buy hard hats in bulk, choosing T-safety will definitely bring you a pleasant surprise.  We offer a wide range of bulk hard hats at affordable prices that are comfortable to wear and durable, with a wide selection of colors and sizes. Customization is supported.

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ABS Hard Hats and Bump Caps

We offer unique head protection solutions from ABS hard hats with a wide variety of slots for accessories to the sporty bump cap – inspired by nature and perfected for your protection.

Choosing the Right Bulk Hard hats

Hard hats are personal protective equipment designed to protect the upper part of workers’ heads from falling or flying objects, impact, burns and electrical hazards. In the construction and mining industries, workers must be equipped with hard hats.

Helmets are designed to resist perforation, water and fire. They absorb impact energy.

They are adjustable and must fit the worker’s head perfectly to ensure the best possible protection.

Hard hats are available in different materials such as plastics and light metals (i.e. aluminum).

How to Choose a Hard Hat?

It is important to take several factors into account when choosing a hard hat.

It is first necessary to identify the task to be carried out by the worker as well as the constraints and risks of the activity that need to be provided for. The level of protection required from a safety helmet varies according to the activity. For example, a construction helmet cannot be used for forestry work because it does not offer the same protection.

The type of protection you should choose depends on the study of the accidentology of the task (UV treatment of the plastic, presence or not of a chinstrap, addition of hearing protection or a cooling cap when working in full sun, etc.).

The worker’s head circumference and the comfort of use of the helmet must also be taken into account.

It is also important to know how long the helmet will be worn by the operator. For a short period of time, a hard hat is a good option because it is easy to put on and take off. For longer periods, the helmet’s lightness should be considered. A high-performance safety helmet is a preferred option.

Lastly, it is important to pay attention to the standards and regulations applicable in your country.

What Is a Hard Hat Made of?

A hard hat is composed of three elements:

The cover (outer part) protects the head from impact.

The harness (inner part) provides shock absorption.

The chinstrap, an adjustable strap under the chin, keeps the helmet on the head. It is useful if you perform repeated movements.

Some hard hats, such as construction hard hats, can also be equipped with inner caps (made of plastic or textile) to provide more comfort for the user.

Hard hats are also made of different materials. Three materials are particularly durable and resistant:

Polyethylene: 50% of helmets sold are polyethylene helmets.


Fiberglass: it has the advantage of being a lightweight material.

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