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Heat Resistant Mechanic Gloves

High quality heat resistant mechanic gloves from T-Safety. With silicone knots on the surface of our gloves, our heat resistant mechanic gloves provide better thermal protection for your hands when momentarily exposed to a heat source (no more than 5 seconds), with protection limits up to 250°C/482°F.

Selected material makes durable products. Made of good heat-resistant polyester cotton and thermostatic silicone material, the heat resistant mechanic gloves are odorless, non-allergenic, breathable, comfortable to wear and long-lasting. Help you protect your hands while keeping them flexible.

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Heat Protection Gloves For Sale

Our products fit the normal hand size of adult men or women. The heat resistant mechanic gloves are elastic and stretchable, and the wrist extension design is available to protect both your hands and arms.

We have strict quality control and standards to ensure the good condition of our heat resistant gloves. With years of experience, T-Safety has the confidence to fully understand our customers' needs. You can choose us as your trusted heat protection gloves supplier. 

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