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Heat Resistant Work Gloves

Heat Resistant Work Gloves

Product Name: Heat Resistant Work Gloves

Item No : S06506

Material: Aramid 1313+ Inner Polyester Cotton+ Environmental Friendly Silicon

Size: 10/12/13/14

Can be cleaned to extend the life of the glove without reducing performance.

800℃ high temperature resistance for 10-15s.


The advantage of having for yourself a piece of heat resistant work gloves is that it can protect your hands well from getting hurt while you carry the tasks at work. It is the right partner for people who have frequent access to extreme heat.

This protective tool makes user’s work easier. It boosts the working efficiency by giving the workers better control over hot items and flexible hand movements to pick and lift them. It enables us to do our job at a faster speed.

There will be some disadvantages if you do not choose the right pair of work gloves. Due to the working condition, you need to find a piece that has a proper level of protection.



(1) The glove is fire-retardant and flame-retardant. The glove is strengthened between the thumb and the finger, which makes the thumb move more freely.

(3) Surface silicone glue dispensing, non-slip, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, using high temperature resistant and environmentally friendly silicone, excellent anti-skid performance, beautiful appearance, easy to clean, can be used positively and negatively, and extend service life.

(4) The gloves have different styles, and the length can be designed and manufactured according to the length specified by the customer to meet the requirements of different customers.

(5) The hook design makes storage more convenient, saves space, and prevents the growth of bacteria.

(6) EN407, EN420, CE

Ideal Applications:

(1) Handle hot steel, glass and porcelain

(2) Barbecue microwave oven; 

(3) High temperature and cold environment

(4) Metal stamping work and other industries that need heat resistance

(5) Remove hot rubber and thermoplastic from the mold

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