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PPE Safety Shoes

Personal Protective Equipment, commonly referred to as PPE, is equipment worn to minimize exposure to various hazards.

PPE safety shoes are important personal protective equipment that can protect your feet from slippery surfaces, heavy falls, chemicals, etc., and can protect your feet in hazardous environments.

In some workplaces, such as construction, factories, wearing PPE safety shoes can protect your feet and help prevent them from being injured by falling objects or pressure, and can be worn throughout the working day.

T-safety provides you with foot protection, PPE safety shoes and safety boots, a variety of styles and functions of PPE safety shoes for you to choose from.If you are interested in our PPE safety shoes, please feel free to contact us.


PPE Safety shoes with puncture-resistant soles ensure flexibility and protect your feet from sharp injuries, making you safer. Perfect for those workers in automotive manufacturing, construction and machine building. Safety soles can effectively prevent your feet from being punctured by sharp objects and are more flexible and lighter than steel soles.


PPE safety shoes are waterproof. They are not afraid of splashing water and are suitable for medium and wet working environment. High performance nubuck leather and mesh uppers. The upper material is professionally waterproof and breathable lined to block water as well as allow moisture to escape, keeping your feet cool and dry.

-Composite Toe

The toe of the safety shoes is made of composite fiber, which can prevent being hit by heavy objects at work. It is lighter, more comfortable and more effective in protecting the feet. Protect your feet from heavy falls, anti-smashing, anti-collision, and keep you flexible at all times.

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