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Durable Work Boots

Durable Work Boots

Product Name:Work Boots 

Item No : S08107

Shoe size: 36 to 48

Function: anti - smash, anti - puncture, fashionable and wear - resistant, solid outsole


The durability of work boots is perhaps the most important factor when you decide to buy one. Durable work shoes must take on any kind of abuse on any surface containing mud, debris, wet gravel, rainwater, grease, acid, or snow to elongate its shelf life.

Boots must have the capacity of enduring 10k steps and 10k flexes per day when you’re carrying weighty objects or operating heavy machinery and give you several years of continuous use.

These durable shoes should have solid puncture protection to save your feet from getting impaled or crushed. The seams must be well-sewn, and the boot and heel weight should be accurate with a proper balance and grip.

Durable shoes have high traction and a slip-resistant sole for walking over any surface such as slippery, hard, & greasy. Many shoes include anti-oil, water- and acid-resistant soles to avoid skidding on grease, puddles, or acidic spills.


  • Drawstring closure

  • STYLISH & COMFORTABLE: iYBUIA’s unique sports shoes are not just very comfortable; they also fashionable and can match practically any look.

  • These hiking and trekking boots can deliver all-day comfort, and is wearable for not comfortable separated rubber from it, or splitting out on the side, no blisters also. Sturdy Anti-Collision Toe Can Protect Child's Toes From External Force Extrusion.

  •  You can wear it to work, daily walking, traveling, or camping, Shoe toe wrapped by rubber and TPU, for good toe protection,Breathable & soft & lightweight.

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