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Comfortable Work Hard Hat

Comfortable Work Hard Hat

. High-density HDPE or ABS shell, I- shape design,

. Soft new PP material for the head hoop,

. Ratchet adjustment knob, tight and reliable,

.4-point attachment provides impact protection.


If you are continually working in a hazardous environment, such as a construction site, then it is time to understand how a high-quality and the most comfortable hard hat can keep you safe. With the aid of this piece of PPE, you can give your head maximum protection from falling objects.


(1)Universal Testing,passes all relevant industrial international standards。


·  EN397 - The European standard for Industrial safety helmets

·  GB2811- China National Standard for Industrial Head Protection

(3) Level of the hard hat: Class C.

(4) Material: high-purity ABS / HDPE housing, perfect bright shell surface, 4-point polyester ribbon

(5) Performance features

·  Good ventilation, comfort

·  Great fit, easy to adjust.

·  Lightweight and easy to carry.

·  Material swashes environmentally friendly and harmless to humans.

·  With ratchet adjustable hand band

·  Higher balance stability

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