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Full Brim Industrial Hard Hats

Full Brim Industrial Hard Hats

Item No: S01115

Color Name: White

Season: Everyday

Type: Ratchet Suspension

Style: Full Brim

Product Type:Hard Hats

Gender: Men, Women

Clearance: Non-Clearance

Color: Blue, yellow, red, orange, green


Full Brim Hard Hats Wholesale

The T-Safety Full Brim Hard Hat is designed to provide comfort, protection, balance and stability to help keep DIYers and professionals safe. This full-rim hard hat with adjustable straps helps protect the head from possible impacts when worn. It is comfortable to wear and can reduce pressure points and improve safety. 

Full brim hard hats are ideal for a variety of occupations, including construction workers, electricians, plumbers, steelworkers and farmers.

Full brim hard hats are a type of personal protective equipment worn by workers in different industries, including construction, mining, oil and gas, etc. Full brim hard hats provide head protection in the event that material is dropped from above. Full brim hard hats are usually composed of high-density polyethylene or HDPE. The color of the cap is related to the nature of the worker's job. Generally, workers wear yellow hats, technicians or engineers wear white hats, and health and safety personnel wear red hats.


  • High-density HDPE shell,

  • Full brim for improved protection,

  • Fibre tape head hoop for better comfort,

  • Buckle adjustment, tight and reliable,

  • Colour can choose blue, yellow, red, orange, green or customized.


1.) Full brim hard hat acts as a perfect sun hat with 360 degree protection.

2.) It is enough to protect your eyes, ears, face, neck and shoulders from sunburn.

3.) It can easily resist electric shock, weather elements, non-toxic liquids and heavy objects falling on your head.

4.) Full brim hard hat is quite beneficial to electricians, construction site and steel mill workers, plumbers, farmers, etc.

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