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Sunshade Safety Cap

Sunshade Safety Cap

Production name: Safety Cap

Item No: S01116

Size: Ranges 52 to 54 cm, 55 to 59 cm and 60 to 63 cm available.

Colour: Black

Other: Can be individually embroidered.


Safety cap of the T-Safety it comes to protecting oneself against abrasions, impacts injuries and the sun. The bump caps can be individually embroidered according to your needs. Also, T-Safety safety hats offer high wear comfort and can be used in a wide range of operation purposes.

Whether you need a bump cap with a short brim for a full field of upward vision, a safety hat with high visibility warning colours according to EN 471, or a bump cap with an integrated hard shell for reliable impact protection in accordance with EN 812 – the T-Safety safety cap offers the right protection for your requirements.


(1) Sport style, fashion baseball cap design.

(2) Velcro closure at the back of the cap, it can be adjusted according to the user' s head.

(3) The ergonomically shaped hardshell with integrated shock-absorbing elements ensures the safety and optimal comfort.

(4) Adjustable fastening and soft foam insert cushions to help protect the head—ventilation holes in the side for user comfort. 

(5) Removable inner shell made of ABS+EVA material, comfortable wearing and secure protection.

(6) Available in black, red, navy, blue and grey, yellow Etc.

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