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Cap Mounted Ear Muff

Cap Mounted Ear Muff


Model Number : S04212

Product Name : Cap Mounted Ear Muff


Earmuffs are objects designed to cover a person's ears for hearing protection or for warmth. They consist of a thermoplastic or metal head-band, that fits over the top or back of the head, and a cushion or cup at each end, to cover the external ears.

H=30dB   M=26dB   L=20dB     

ANSIS3.19-1974   CE/EN 352-3  SNR=28dB 

Test Frequencies(Hz)631252505001000200040008000
Mean Attenuation Mf(dB)16.719.827.135.335.537.231.331.0
Standard deviation Sf(dB)
APV Mf-Sf (dB)13.717.126.731.732.231.427.827.2

(1) 304 stainless headband; corrosion resistance; heat resistance; anti-oxidation and Velcro strip for easy fixing.

(2) Stainless steel arms with 4-point suspension system helps to distribute cushion pressure evenly.

(3) Light weight, comfortable&effective ear muff range.

(4) Reinforced hardwaresfor mounting on most of safety helmets.

Suitable for loud machinery, lawn movers, engines, industrial machines, power tools, loud music, noisy places.

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