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Puncture Proof Gloves

Puncture Proof Gloves

Product Name: Anti-stab And Anti-cutting Gloves With Leather on Palm

Item No : S06407

Material: HPPE + Nylon + Leather

Size: 7/8/9/10/11


Cut Protection

The Puncture Proof Gloves use an HPPE, nylon and Leatherblend to provide outstanding cut-resistance while retaining a high level of flexibility and dexterity. This impressive level of cut-resistance is supported by the maximum abrasion and tear resistance, helping you to get longevity out of these affordable gloves. They are also lightweight which reduces hand fatigue over extended use, ideal for applications such as glass handling, engineering and mechanics.

 Grip And Versatility

The S06407  Puncture Proof Gloves features a sandy nitrile grip that has the dual purpose of providing outstanding grip and offering resistance to oil, grease and water. This helps to makes the gloves extremely versatile, enabling you to carry out high cut-risk tasks in a range of different working and weather conditions.

Features Of The Puncture Proof Gloves

  • HPPE, nylon and Leather blend for exceptional cut-resistance offers a strong level of grip ideal for handling

  • Designed to resist oil, water and grease

  • Lightweight construction ideal for extended use

  • Retain outstanding flexibility and sensitivity to give you control

  • Offer the maximum in abrasion, cut and tear resistance

  • Anatomically shaped for a high level of comfort


Ideal Applications:

(1) Metal manufacturing

(2) Sheet metal processing

(3) Tool production

(4) Glass cutting and handling

(5) Precision grinding

(6) Slaughter and division

(7) Kitchen operations

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