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China Self-priming Filter Mask

China Self-priming Filter Mask

Brand: T-Safety

Model Number: S05209

Product Name : China Self-priming Filter Mask


BFE electrostatic filter material is used for this mask, which is effective in antibacterial and dust resistance. The irregular structure of the high-efficiency electrostatic filter material can effectively block the particles, at the same time, it can absorb very small particles. It can block particles with a diameter of 0.075 μ m and non oil particles to effectively protect respiratory health. Electrostatic filter material greatly improves the ability of dust prevention and particle prevention. The effect of 0.2 μ m particle prevention is over 97%, which makes our masks have strong protection ability.


(1) Technological innovation: the shape of mask is designed according to the contour of human face. 360 degree seal protection. Dust, organic gas, etc. cannot enter. It solves the problems of leakage and unsealing of traditional protective mask.

(2) The material of mask is in accordance with FDA standards. It completely solves the problems of traditional masks like skin allergic and strong smell.

(3) Innovative design: the wearing structure of the gas mask is designed in accordance with the humanization, and the elastic state can be adjusted freely which makes wear feel comfortable.

(4) Environmental-friendly: this mask can be recycled, the mask’s main body(filter box is not included) can be washed. You only need to change the filter box during wearing the mask.

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