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Protective Dipped Gloves

Protective Dipped Gloves

Brand : T-Safety 

Model Number : S06210

Product Name : Protective Dipped Gloves


13 gauge blue nylon liner, first latex smooth fully coating, second sandy latex palm and thumb coating

A thinner coated work glove boasts mostly of its ability to allow the wearer to maintain a high level of dexterity for applications that require handling small or delicate objects. These Nitrile work gloves still provide cut and chemical protection, although they may not stand up to as harsh of chemicals as the thicker coated work gloves can. Unlike their thicker counterparts, the coated work gloves in this category are dipped in the Nitrile polymer only once or maybe twice. 

When choosing the correct Nitrile coated work glove for your job, it is vital that you know the environment, products, and tasks that will be involved so that you can purchase a glove that will deliver the amount of protection appropriate for you.


(1) Gauge: 13

(2) Liner: Nylon

(3) Coating: Latex

(4) Size: 7/8/9/10/11

(5) EN388:2131


(1) Unique double dipped provides superior grip under dry and wet conditions.

(2) Aqua Tek fully dipped design prevents water permeability and protect skin from oil contamination.

(3) Economic design offers great comfort and it’s dexterous.

(4) Water proof, anti-slipping and comfortable.

Ideal Applications

(1) Light metal fabrication

(2) Handling small castings

(3) General handling

(4) Parts assembling

(5) Other automotive applications

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