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Nitrile Rubber Gloves

Nitrile Rubber Gloves

Item No: S06703

Product Name: Nitrile Rubber Gloves

Type With Powder: No Powder

Material: Synthetic Nitrile Latex

Size:  XS/S/M/L/XL

Color: White/Blue/Green/Purple/Black


Introducing the T-Safety Powder Free Disposable Nitrile Gloves. These high-quality disposable gloves offer strength, durability and barrier protection that prevents skin contact to ensure contamination does not occur. They have been designed for maximum sensitivity, dexterity and comfort, and offer increased elasticity and flexibility to reduce the risk of fatigue when in use for extended periods of time. These T-Safety nitrile gloves are an essential piece of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and allow the wearer to use the gloves at ease and with additional reassurance that they are protected.



Length(mm) 9”: 230/12”: 300

Palm Width(mm) XS: 76±3

                            S: 85±3

                            M: 95±3

                            L: 105±3

                           XL: 113±3

Thickness(mm) Fingertip: 0.13±0.03

                        Palm: 0.11±0.03

                        Wrist: 0.09±0.03

Weight(g) XS: 4.3±0.3

                 S: 4.8±0.3

                M: 5.5±0.3

                L: 6.0±0.3

               XL: 6.5±0.3

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