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Splash Proof Goggles Wholesale

Splash Proof Goggles Wholesale

Item No : S02211

Gender: Female, Male

Frame Color: Clear

Lenses Material: Polycarbonate

Scratch Resistance: Yes

Adjustable: Yes

Color: Clear

Frame Style/Type: Goggle

Lenses Color: Clear Product Characteristics

Lenses Coating: Anti-Fog Hard Coat


The Splash Proof Goggles  features a unique combination of lightweight comfort, OTG (over the glass) capability and flexible fit. Soft, pliable material molds around the nose, cheeks and forehead for a custom fit to both wide and narrow faces. Indirect ventilation minimizes fogging while providing superior splash and impact protection. 

Recommended Use: Any professional requiring  splash goggle that provides high levels of anti-fog and anti-scratch protection.

Frame: High grade flexible sealed frame for fit and comfort with adjustable non-latex band.

Lens: Impact resistant Carbolite double lens with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings.

Fit: Uni-Sex. Excellent fit on young adults, men and women.


Clear anti-fog chemical goggle. 

Chemical splash goggle features vent caps to restrict influx of liquids. 

Scratch resistant polycarbonate lens provides 99% UVA protection.

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