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Lightweight Comfortable Banded Earplugs

Lightweight Comfortable Banded Earplugs

Brand : T Safety 

Model Number: S04111

Products Name : Lightweight Comfortable Banded Earplugs


Banded hearing protectors are easy to use, extremely comfortable. They are fast to insert and remove and can be worn around the neck when not for using. It offers simplicity to help improve the choice of hearing protection products that suits he working environments greatly. With replaced foam pods making them a more cost-saving option.



(1) Extremely light.

(2) Very low pressure into the ear canal.

(3) Without deep insertion pod plugs seal the entrance part of the ear canal.

(4) Can be stored around the neck when not in use.

(5) Soft polymer is washable and reusable

CE/EN 352-2  SNR=27dB

H=29dB  M=23dB  L=22dB

Sound attenuation Mf(dB)26.723.824.328.434.137.241.944.3
Sound attenuation Sf(dB)
APV Mf-Sf (dB)


(1) Sold in package of 250 pairs.
(2) With the dispenser, you can put the earplugs in all the places they’re needed. Earplug dispenser increases compliance, because their high visibility dispenser increases awareness. With the dispenser, earplugs drop right into the palm of your hand, so you don’t have to worry about earplugs falling on the floor.
(3) Approved to EN352-2
(4) PVC Free
(5) SNR=34dB

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