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Pro Knee Pads

Pro Knee Pads

Item No : S07110          

Material: PP cap

Specification: 25x19x10cm


PROTECT & SERVE: Give your knees the protection they deserve now with these knee Pads, perfect for a range of tasks including home DIY, construction, gardening, roofing, cleaning, sports and much more! Don’t be hindered by weak or uncomfortable knees – get full protection in kneeling and crawling tasks now with these – and make your knees unstoppable!

COMPREHENSIVE PROTECTION: You only have one set of knees, so make sure you take care of them with a collection that gives you full coverage over your knee and the surrounding area. The protective shell fits around the knee comfortably. At the same time, the padded interior and trim support comfort and support on even the hardest of surfaces - unfinished concrete, pavement, hardwood and uneven surfaces are no match!

STAY PUT!: Nothing is more annoying than having to adjust and pull up knee pads during tasks – with these universal sized kneepads a combination of forward and rear fastening elasticated straps provide support and stay where you need them to be. Whatever you’re doing, whether kneeling, crawling, crouching, or stooping your kneepads will remain where you left them!

LIGHT-WEIGHT COMFORT: With a low overall weight and comfortable interior, you may forget you are wearing kneepads in the first place. Breathable design helps heat dissipate to reduce sweating so you can enjoy suitable protection from start to finish – wherever you go and whatever the task make sure you take your kneeling assistants!

GREAT FOR ANYONE, ANYWHERE: Whether Home DIYer, contractor, electrician, plumber, carpenter or gardener, invest in a set of kneepads you can rely on and forget about stiff and weak knees during your project – focus your attention on the task at hand and enjoy working in comfort! DIY projects, roofing, construction work, flooring and carpet installations, welding, and even paintball – don’t be without!


  • PP cap

  • Oxford fabric

  • Pearl cotton liner

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