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Black Cheap Safety Glasses

Black Cheap Safety Glasses

Brand Name: T-SAFETY

Model Number: S02104

Product Name: Black Cheap Safety Glasses

Color: Black or white


Usage: Eye Protector Safety Glasses

Function:Absorb 99% harmful UV

Style: Protection Safety Glasses

Material: PC Lens

Lens function:Anti-scratch,anti-fog


The benefits of safety eyewear go beyond impact and penetration protection. T-safety glasses provide UV protection, keeping your eyes safe from both UVA and UVB radiation. This feature serves as a significant tool in the prevention of eye illness and disease caused by long-term exposure to harmful rays. Different lens tints are available including clear, yellow, and smoke among others, ensuring that there is a pair of Safety Glasses for every need.

Great news! Poor fashion and discomfort are no longer excuses for not wearing eye protection. T-safety glasses feature a rimless, discrete and minimal design with a sporty and lightweight construction that is ideal for all-day wear. They come in a wide variety of colour combinations, ensuring a personalised and trendy look that you’ll be proud to wear. 

Our safety glasses ergonomically wrap around the wearer’s face, offering extended protection from the sides and a snug, comfortable fit. Their texturised temples minimise slippage, keeping your glasses in place while you’re on the move, consistently providing eye protection that you’ll forget you are wearing.


. Unique cushioned bridge and temples for improved comfort, Lens made of new PC material.

. Coating available for anti-scratch,Anti-fog function .

. Can do treatment to absorb 99% harmful UV.

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