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Safety Harness

Safety Harness

Product Name:Safety Harness

Item No : S11101


  • SAFETY DESIGN PERFORMANCE: When supported by the dorsal attachment during a fall, the design of  Full Body Harness directs load through the shoulder straps supporting the user, and around the thighs.  each of our products is individually inspected.

  •  Lightweight and Comfortable: Our safety harness fits a weight range of 130-310lbs. It was felt light and comfortable without being restrictive when you keep focusing on your working safety at height. You can wear them all day long.

  • Great Size: Our 5-point full body harness a good general purpose safety harness for men and women. Waist size: 80-140cm(31.49inch-55.12inch) Leg size: 60-75cm(23.62inch-29.53inch).

  • Important Equipment Choice: Great for use in Construction, Demolition, Climbing, Welding, Roofing, Camping, Emergency, First responder, Landscaping, Paving, Police, Railroad, Sanitation, Security, Surveyor.

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