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Safety Harness Rope

Safety Harness Rope

Product Name:Safety Harness Rope

Item No : S11203


Working at heights has a certain amount of risk attached to it. The safety procedures that are in place are present so that this risk is minimized. One such procedure is to ensure that you are wearing proper fall protection gear before climbing to the required height. Safety lanyards are an important piece of the fall protection equipment, these are the ones that connect you to the anchor point or a lifeline.

Length: Ideal for positioning and restraint situations, these safety lanyards will hold and sustain you in your work environment; With a compact and portable design, the lanyard is a fixed length (3 ft) connection and has no shock-absorbing capacity

Material: Made using premium polyester rope, the lanyard can be attached to the D-ring on a full-body harness or restraint belt for ultimate worker safety; Advanced technical design & quality material is the backbone of Peakworks manufacturing process

Anchor Connections: Lanyard includes a snap hook anchorage connection point & a snap hook harness connection point; A 5/8" rope provides additional support for the user, as preventing a fall is a better way of protecting workers than arresting a fall

Fall Restraint: Designed to limit the distance a worker can move from one anchor point and towards the edge of the structure; Our lanyards ensure a proactive approach to fall protection and should never be used when there is a risk of falling

Frequently Bought Together: Pair our Fall Protection Restraint Lanyard with any Peakworks Safety Harnesses or Belts for added security and complete worker protection; These lanyards are used for inspection, construction, demolition and maintenance

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