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Reflective Triangles

Reflective Triangles

Brand : T-Safety 

Model Number : S10302

Product Name : Reflective Triangles


When broken down vehicles parked in emergency parking strip or street, road signal can be placed behind at the car 30-100 meters, day and night display due to failure to stop the vehicle to warn oncoming vehicle in front of a faulty car, this device for the non-permanent installations.

1. before using road signal, you must first open the hazard lights, and put road signal behind the vehicle on the back of the car with 30 to 100 meters

2. to extend product life, when road signal are not used, please fold the reflector and supporting put them inside the plastic protective case

3. products in the transportation and storage, need be taken care that avoiding the falling

4. reasonable structure: folding structure ,easy to onboard

5. stability: some support the use of the cross, wind resistance, to adapt in a variety of environment

6. tolerated: the reflector mirror add antioxidants,with rain, dust, temperature and other functions

7. high visibility: reflective surface of high transmittance, high brightness of raw materials

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