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Caution Tape Belt

Caution Tape Belt

Brand : T-Safety

Model Number : S10204

Products Name : Caution Tape Belt



T-Safety detectable tracer tape is a polyethylene underground warning tape incorporating one or two stainless steel tracer wires for the marking and location of buried pipes and cables. It can be used in conjunction with cable avoidance tools to locate the position of non-metallic pipes and un-energized cables. The detectable wires run in a sinusoidal pattern laminated between

two layers of a low density lead-free virgin grade rot-resistant polyethylene to maximize



Tracer wire is 0.7mm AISI grade 316 stainless steel.

Unique wave design stretches over 25% before breaking.

Printed text and wires protected by a clear laminated film.

Stainless steel joining crimps and crimping tools available with side flanges supplied if required.

Available in various colors, texts, and sizes.

It can be custom manufactured and supplied on wooden cable drums up to 3km.

The warning message is printed in black.

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