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Automatic Darkening Welding Helmet

Automatic Darkening Welding Helmet

Brand Name : T-Safety

Model Number:S03107

Products Name:  Automatic Darkening Welding Helmet

Filter darkening reaction : 1/2,5000 sec.


Automatic Darkening Welding Helmet

The automatic darkening welding helmet uses automatic adjustment technology that allows the lens to automatically adjust from light to dark when light from the welding machine is detected. It's one of the most popular welding protection helmets. The lens has a sensor that detects the arc, because the light generated by the arc triggers the sensor to transmit a signal responsible for activating the liquid crystal (darkening and brightening according to the intensity of the light), so that the lens darkens to a predetermined level of shading.

The automatic darkening helmet also has an infrared and polarization filter to keep your eyes away from radiation even when the auto-darkening function is not activated.

Automatic darkening helmets are suitable for all welding levels, from amateurs to professionals. Auto-darkening helmets, fixed helmets combine the economy of a fixed helmet with the benefits of auto-darkening. If the majority of your welding involves similar materials using the same welding process, a fixed shade auto-darkening helmet may be the right choice.

Automatic darkening helmets with variable shading allow you to choose a shade preference, which allows you to adjust the shade for different welding processes and applications. A typical weld shade range is between shades 8 and 13. When the helmet is in the down position, you will see through a light lens that allows the weld and surrounding area to be clearly seen and evaluated. Once the welding arc has been struck, the helmet will automatically darken to the shade of your choice.

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-Battery powered, solar assisted, long life (up to 5000 hours), requires battery replacement.

-Four independent arc sensors.

-Filter darkening response of 1/2,5000 seconds, ideal for MMA, MIG, TIG, PAC, PAW, CAC-A, OFW, OC.

-9-13 degree shade adjustable, sensitivity and delay control adjustable.

-Lightweight, well-balanced, advanced design, fully adjustable headgear.

-Includes replacement cover lens.

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