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Cut Proof Gloves Kitchen

Cut Proof Gloves Kitchen

Product name: Cut Proof Gloves Kitchen

Material: HPPE, nylon, spandex

Dimensions: Length 13-26 cm, palm width 7.5-11.5 cm, width 10.5-16.5 cm.


Anti-cutting, non-slip, wear-resistant, and multifunctional.

This cut-resistant glove is made of a new type of super-strong fiber material HPPE, which has a smooth and soft appearance, fits the surface of the human body, and is comfortable to wear without linting. It can be used in food processing as well as in industrial production, and the anti-cutting grade reaches level 5. It can be washed and used repeatedly without affecting the anti-cutting performance.

cut proof gloves for kitchen


What is HPPE?

HPPE has high strength: the strength is more than 10 times that of high-quality steel. High modulus: second only to super carbon fiber. Low density: less than water, can float on water. The physical properties of high-strength and high-modulus polyethylene fibers are excellent. Due to its high crystallinity, it is a chemical group that is not easy to react with chemical agents. Therefore, it is resistant to water, humidity, chemical corrosion, and ultraviolet rays, so there is no need to undergo ultraviolet resistance treatment. Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, excellent wear resistance, not only high modulus, but also soft, with a long flexural life, the melting point of high-strength high-modulus polyethylene fiber is between 144~152C, and it is exposed to 110C for a short time. Will not cause serious performance degradation and so on. Add 316 stainless steel wire, professional anti-cutting, completely prevent the injury of sharp blades, and effectively protect your hands.

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