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Half Face Gas Mask

Half Face Gas Mask

Brand:  T-Safety

Model Number: S05205

Product Name : Half Face Gas Mask


Half Face Gas Mask is an economic respirators which is used for painting, chemical industry, machinery and other workers exposed to organic steam, benzene and its homologues, gasoline, acetone, carbon disulfide, ether and other consumption. It is also a filter respirator that can be replaced with activated carbon.


(1) The mask is composed of four parts: the main body, the filter box, the exhalation valve and the tie wrap. The tie wrap can be adjusted as required.

(2) The mask is compact, safe and comfortable to wear.

(3) Single filter tank and breathing valve design make it very easy to breathe.

(4) The filter tank is equipped with active carbon, which can effectively prevent the harm of toxic and harmful gases to your body.

(5) Soft sweat absorbing cotton nose and mouth pad is provided to increase wearing comfort and can be cleaned and replaced.

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