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Cotton Work Gloves

Cotton Work Gloves

Brand : T-Safety 

Model Number : S06102

Product Name : Cotton Work Gloves

Material: Polyester covered cotton yarn



Cotton Work Gloves

Looking for work protection for your hands? T-Safety cotton work gloves will do the trick. Cotton work gloves can be your first choice for hand protection when gardening, electronics repair, wall painting, house carpentry, yard landscaping, assembly, box packing, delivery, or any light duty job you can think of.

Wide range of applications - On the job, our cotton work gloves are lightweight, durable and will keep hands safe and are great for assembly, construction, inspection, garbage disposal and other light duty work areas.

Cotton work gloves are extremely absorbent, both from within and without; for example, even a scrupulously clean reading room provides numerous opportunities for gloves to pick up and transfer dirt to surfaces such as a text page. ... Cotton gloves may not even help keep the reader's hands clean. 


Knitting: 7 gauge
Color: White
Weight: 700g

Package Info

Pieces per Bag 12pcs/bag

Pieces per Carton 600pcs/carton

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