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Protective Work Gloves

Protective Work Gloves

Brand: T-Safety

Model Number: S06107

Product Name: Protective Work Gloves



Material: Lampshade cotton

Knitting: 10 gauge

Color: White

Weight: 500g

Most people tend to pay so much attention to the appearance of their faces and skin that they forget such parts as the hands and feet. Like the face, hands need to be kept moist and smooth all the time. And one way to achieve this is to go for a pair or box of cotton gloves. These are different gloves made of 100-percent cotton, meaning they help keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. The cotton also makes them comfortable to the extent that you can wear them and sleep with them.

Package info 

Pieces per Bag 12pcs/bag

Pieces per Carton 600pcs/carton

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