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Anti Fog Safety Goggles Wholesale

Anti Fog Safety Goggles Wholesale

Manufacturer : T-safety

Item Number : S02201

Size : Standard

Color:  Clear

Finish:  Anti-fog


Great for Any Type of Project

Durable Construction

They are made from durable polycarbonate that provides a tough exterior while staying ultra-clear.

Protective Coating

Goggles are coated with a layer that aids against fogging and aids in reducing the amount of scratching.


Safety goggles include air vents directly above the field of vision for safe and quick ventilation.

Easy Adjustability

Soft and flexible straps give you a comfortable fit while allowing you to adjust it to your perfect fit.

Wide Field of Vision

Safety goggles span 7 inches across, making it perfect for those who also wear glasses.


(1) Stable, Transparent, flexible PVC frame seals tightly to the face. 

(2) The direct or indirect ventilating design prevents fog in the goggle.

(3) Lenses can choose PVC/PV.

(4) Resists particles and liquid splashing.

(5) Anti-scratch,Anti-fog.

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