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Clear Safety Goggles Wholesale For Construction

Clear Safety Goggles Wholesale For Construction

Brand Name: T-safety

Model Number: S02205

item name: Clear Safety Goggles For Construction

material: Polycarbonate (PC)

color: Clear or customized

OEM: Yes


Our protective glasses are designed to wrap around the face and stay in place during construction and contracting work. The sturdy materials used by brand  T-safety create a lightweight product with reliable impact resistance and superior eye protection. These glasses may be worn all day comfortably, even in the most demanding work conditions. Adjustable, stylish, and affordable, safety glasses are an essential part of any contractor's uniform.


(1) Stable, transparent, flexible PVC frame seals tightly to the face,

(2) Lenses can choose PVC or PC,

(3) Resists particles and liquid splashing.

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