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PPE Protective Goggles Wholesale

PPE Protective Goggles Wholesale

Brand Name: T-safety

Model Number: S02204

Item name: PPE Protective Goggles

Material: Polycarbonate (PC)

Color: Clear or customized

OEM: Yes

Certification: CE EN166


The S02204 Goggles are traditionally styled safety goggles with an attractive appearance featuring a clear polycarbonate ocular.

Intended Use:This product is intended for protection against high-speed particles,Medium energy impact(B),as encountered in industry,laboratories,educational establishments,DIY activities,etc. which are likely to damage the eye or impair vision, following EN166:2001.

Service life: The period of obsolescence of this product is three years.


(1) Stable, flexible PVC frame seals tightly to the face.

(2) The direct or indirect ventilating design prevents fog in the goggle.

(3) Lenses can choose PVC/PC.

(4) Resists particles and liquid splashing. 

(5) Anti-scratch, Anti-fog.

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