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Industrial Knee Pads

Industrial Knee Pads

Item No : S07104

Material: Transparent PVC cap          

Specification: 24x20x13cm                                 


It is of utmost importance to protect yourself while you work in every way that you can. Knee Pads can help to reduce the likelihood and severity of long-term injuries. As much as possible, you should wear gear that is designed to provide you with protection for the type of job you are engaging in.

Their straps are cleverly designed to keep them in place while you walk. They cross in an X pattern behind your knee and provide support while also keeping the pad straight when you bend your knee while walking.

These knee pads are built to provide comfort with thick foam padding and additional gel cushions. This makes these knee pads an excellent choice for carpet installers, tilers, or any other professional who spends multiple hours every day on their knees.


  • Transparent PVC cap

  • Oxford surface fabric

  • Neoprene back fabric

  • PE and GEL liner

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