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How to Choose and Use Earplugs Correctly?

Published on Oct. 20, 2022

Earplugs are used in a wide variety of situations, and whether you want to avoid noise at work, study, travel, or other times, they are an important tool for most people to be protected from noise and provide hearing protection. However, the question is - will just wearing earplugs make a difference? Obviously, the answer is no. Only by choosing and using earplugs correctly can we achieve the results we want. Continue reading this article to learn how to choose and use earplugs correctly to get the best results from wearing them.

How to Choose and Use Earplugs Correctly?cid=4

How to Use Earplugs Correctly?

You probably wear earplugs every day and think it's the easiest thing to do, but it's not going to be good to just shove earplugs into your ears without thinking. Do you know how to use earplugs correctly? Proper wearing procedures should be followed to properly insert the earplugs into the ears. Remember three important steps: scroll, pull and insert.

How to Choose and Use Earplugs Correctly?cid=4  The specific steps are:

  -Roll the earplug into a small roller, this will make it smaller and easier to insert.

  -Pull the ear up and out to widen the ear canal.

  -Push the earplug in and twist it until it locks so the earplug fits and stays secure.

  And don't forget to clean your hands before putting on earplugs to prevent germs and dust from getting into your ears.

  Complete the above steps to check that the earplugs are in place. Most of the foam body of the earplug should be in the

  ear canal. Try covering your ears tightly with your hands. If the sound is low when your hands are in place, the    

  earplugs may not be used correctly. Take the earplugs out and try again.

  When these steps are done correctly, your ears will be protected.

How to Choose Earplugs Correctly?

How to Choose and Use Earplugs Correctly?cid=4  -Disposable Earplugs

  Generally made of foam material, it must be discarded after each use, suitable for people who use earplugs 

  occasionally, and it is also the cheapest. If you need to wear earplugs often, then it's not suitable to buy disposable

  earplugs, buy reusable earplugs is cost-effective.

  -Reusable Earplugs

  Usually made of soft silicone material, it can be washed and reused after each use. Wearing reusable earplugs is a cost-

  effective way to help you avoid the effects of noise anywhere.

  -Custom Earplugs

  Everyone's situation is different, so consult a professional to customize earplugs that are almost always the most 

  effective at blocking harmful sounds.


  Choose and use earplugs correctly according to your own use of earplugs.


While wearing earplugs can be effective in reducing the effects of noise, minimizing the risk of noise-induced hearing loss and preventing unnecessary hearing damage, the same type of hearing protection may not be appropriate for all environments. The types of noise and noise levels are not the same in different environments, which means you need different types of hearing protection in different places, and wearing earplugs may not be able to meet all situations. Help find the best hearing protection by assessing your environment and measuring your exposure to noise.

How to Choose and Use Earplugs Correctly?cid=4

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