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When to Wear a Face Shield?

Published on Oct. 13, 2022

When you are engaged in work or tasks that need to be done at home that may cause harm to your face, then wearing a face shield for face protection is necessary. For example, OSHA requires face shields when workers are exposed to splashes, liquid chemicals, light radiation, molten metal, and flying objects.

We all know that eye safety is very important. Eye protection has gotten a big boost in the construction industry in recent years, but while protecting your eyes, you should also work hard to protect your face from splashes and other substances.

You might think that protecting your eyes is the most important thing. Protecting your entire face is a bit of an exaggeration. Yes, your eyes need maximum protection, but that doesn't mean your face doesn't need any protective gear, and thus suffers damage. Facial injuries can have serious consequences, causing permanent damage. Safety glasses provide specialized protection for your eyes, and as for your face, you need to wear a face shield to protect your eyes and the rest of your face.

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5 Reasons to Wear a Face Shield

-Flying Debris: When dust, debris, and other fine materials are present in your environment, safety glasses may not provide good eye protection and can fly around your safety glasses and into your eyes. When you use some power tools like chainsaws, angle grinders, etc., you should always wear a face shield.

-Splash Hazards: When handling bodily fluids such as caustic, chemical adhesives, etc., typical safety glasses do not provide the necessary splash protection for these hazards and you will need to wear a face shield.

-Arc Hazard: Electricians working on high voltage connections must guard against a potential arc explosion hazard, which could result in severe burns and even risk of death! In this case, only a specially designed face shield can be used for protection.

-Extremely hot environments: Face shields are required when performing welding work, furnace maintenance, or handling any molten material. Some face shields commonly used in foundries have special coatings that provide additional protection from extreme temperatures.

-High-Speed Impact Hazard: Wearing safety glasses is a good way to protect your eyes, but when faced with a high-speed impact hazard, safety glasses may fail and they won't protect your face. The face shield provides additional protection against the hazards of high-mass and high-velocity impacts. You can wear safety glasses under the mask for more protection.

Think Safety Glasses And Face Shields

There are often gaps in the bottom and sides of the mask, which may allow flying debris or liquids to come into contact with your eyes, causing eye damage. Safety glasses are designed to protect the eyes, and face shields do an excellent job of providing additional eye and face protection against a variety of hazards, so you should always wear safety glasses under your face shield for optimal eye and face protection.


Make sure to take the time to assess the hazards of the work area and select appropriate eye and face protection. T-safety offers you safety glasses and face shields in different styles and functions.

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