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Think You Know Hand Gloves Think Again

Published on Nov. 04, 2020

Think You Know Hand Gloves? Think Again

1.Glove Classification

(1)According To The Production Method.

According to the production method, the gloves are divided into sewing, knitting, dipping, etc.

Gloves are cut and sewn from various leather, rubber, knitted fabrics or woven fabrics. Knitted gloves are made of pure or blended yarns of various textile fibers, knitted on a glove machine, and processed by sewing, such as clamping, gusset, stitching fingertips and finger forks, etc., and then brushing or milling, and heat setting Finished into products.

The organization of knitted gloves includes plain stitch, rib, tuck, leno, etc., and the fancy patterns include plain and yarn-dyed jacquard. Labor protection gloves are required to be relatively thick, and some have been plastic coated on the surface to improve wear resistance, non-slip, and waterproof performance.

Decorative gloves are required to be beautiful, and most of them undergo artistic processing such as embroidery and beading. Classified by material Gloves are divided into cotton yarn, plush, leather, microfiber, cloth, rubber and so on.

(2)According To The Shape Of The Fingers.

Finger gloves: each has only 5 separate long bags of fingers;

Mitts: the thumb is separated, and the remaining 4 fingers are connected together.

Straight gloves: 5 fingers connected together. Like cotton full hand gloves

Half-finger gloves: each finger is not closed, only the first section is covered.

Fingerless gloves: There is no finger part, opening at the heel.

Three-finger gloves: separate thumb and index finger, and connect the other 3 fingers together.

The fewer fingers that are separated, the better the heat preservation effect on the fingers, but at the same time restricts the movement of the hands. In addition to the decoration of the half-finger and fingerless gloves, the finger flexibility of the score-finger gloves has also increased.

2.Other Types Of Gloves You May Not Know

(1) Knitted Gloves

Gloves knitted with a knitted glove machine.

(2) Cotton Gloves

Gloves knitted with medium or thick yarns of several basic colors.

Cotton Gloves

(3) Plain Top Gloves

The wristband part adopts weft flat stitch organization, and the glove is folded along the mouth.

(4) Rib Top Gloves

The wristband part adopts single-layer or double-layer ribbed gloves.

(5) Plain Knit Gloves

Gloves knitted with weft flat stitches.

(6) Tuck Gloves

Gloves knitted with single needle and multi-row tuck organization.

Tuck Gloves

(7) Purl Gloves

Gloves knitted with double reverse weave.

Purl Gloves

(8) Cotton Stockinette Gloves

Cotton Stockinette Gloves

Gloves sewn with knitted jersey.

(9) Cotton Interlock Gloves

Gloves sewn with knitted cotton wool cloth.

Cotton Interlock Gloves

(10) Gloves made of cashmere knitted fabric.

(11) Cotton Knitted Flannel Gloves

Cotton Knitted Flannel Gloves

(12) Nylon Warp Knit Gloves

Gloves sewn with nylon warp knitted fabric.

Nylon Warp Knit Gloves

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