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Types Of Personal Protective Equipment

Published on Jul. 28, 2020

Types Of Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment according to the use and individual protective parts classified. Selecting the right PPE to sufficiently reduce exposure to hazards is essential to laboratory safety. The purpose of this section is to provide resources allowing researchers to identify and classify various types of PPE so the appropriate safety precautions are taken when conducting research.


1. Categorize By Purpose.


(1) Safety protection to prevent casualties. These include:


A. Fall-proof supplies, such as seat belts, safety nets, etc.


B. Shock-proof supplies, such as hard hats, impact-proof goggles, etc.


C. Electric shock-proof supplies, such as insulation clothing, insulated shoes, iso potential work clothes, etc.


D. Anti-mechanical trauma supplies, such as stabbing, cutting, grinding, wear and tear protective clothing, shoes, gloves, etc.


E. Acid-resistant supplies, such as acid-base-resistant gloves, protective clothing and boots;


F. Oil-resistant supplies, such as oil-resistant protective clothing, shoes and boots, etc.


G. Waterproof supplies, such as rubber work clothes, raincoats, rain shoes and rain boots, waterproof insurance gloves, etc.


H. Cold-proof supplies, such as cold suits, shoes, hats, gloves and so on.


(2) Labour hygiene care to prevent occupational diseases. These include:


A. Dust-proof supplies, such as dust masks, dust suits, etc.


B. Anti-venom supplies, such as gas masks, anti-gas suits, etc.


C. Anti-radioactive supplies, such as anti-radioactive clothing, lead glass glasses, etc.


D. Heat-proof radiation supplies, such as thermal insulation, radiation insulation masks, welding gloves, organic protective goggles and so on;


E. Noise-proof items such as earplugs, earmuffs, ear caps, etc.

 Types Of Personal Protective Equipment

2. Classified as a protective part of the human body.


(1) Head protective equipment, such as protective cap, hard hat, cold cap, insect cap, etc.


(2) Respiratory organ protection equipment, such as dust mask (mask), anti-venom mask (mask), etc.


(3) Eye facial protective equipment, such as welding goggles, furnace goggles, impact-proof goggles, etc.


(4) Hand protective supplies, such as general protective gloves, a variety of special protection (waterproof, cold, high temperature, vibration) gloves, insulation gloves, etc.


(5) Foot protective supplies, such as dust, waterproof, oil-, anti-slip, anti-high temperature, acid-base, shock-proof shoes (boots), and electrically insulated shoes (boots), etc.


(6) Torso protective supplies commonly referred to as protective clothing, such as general protective clothing, waterproof clothing, cold clothing, anti-oil clothing, electromagnetic radiation clothing, insulation clothing, acid-alkali clothing, etc.


(7) Skincare products, for anti-toxic, anti-corrosion, acid-base, anti-ray, and other appropriate protective agents.

Types Of Personal Protective Equipment

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