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6 Tips With Cotton Gloves

Published on Aug. 05, 2020

6 Tips With Cotton Gloves

Cotton gloves are production personnel must worn at work, therefore, also known as working cotton gloves. Cotton gloves are commonly used for performing quality inspections, oppose abrasions while enhancing grip. They are often made of polyester and cotton.

1. Soft Cotton Gloves Have The Following Characteristics:


  • High sweat absorption,

  • Excellent breathability,

  • Low dust, good dust resistance,

  • Good elasticity,

  • Wearing comfortable,

  • Flexible operation,

  • Single-sided cotton material,

  • Wearing cotton gloves can effectively avoid product damage, can significantly improve product quality,

  • Wearing flexibility in the hands to give people a comfortable feeling.

2. What Are Cotton Hand Gloves Used For?

The white cotton gloves are suitable for numerous applications, especially those involving tactile handling. These applications include:


  • Butlers

  • Serving

  • Museum

  • Inspection

  • Packaging

  • Car valeting

  • Art handling

  • Film switches

  • Hygiene rules

  • Food industry

  • Coin handling

  • Antique handlers

  • Etiquette occasions

  • Elevator operators

  • Archival handling

  • Photograph handling

  • Cleaning equipment machine

  • General manual handling jobs

  • Protect fragile hands doing housework

3. How Do Cotton Gloves Help Eczema?

Eczema people commonly use cotton Gloves. Simple daytime chores may be irritable on tender skin, so by wearing cotton gloves, protect your hands. The cotton glove protects hands from the common elements which cause eczema to flare up. You can make cotton gloves waterproof by wearing a pair of disposable gloves such as latex or vinyl over the top of them when performing tasks such as washing up.

4. Can We Wash Cotton Gloves?

Yes, Our cotton gloves are washable cotton gloves, reusable and cost-effective to reduce waste,you can wash all of our cotton gloves.

5. Can We Wear Cotton Gloves Under Other Gloves?

Yes, cotton gloves are often worn under other gloves for extra warmth or protection. Laundry can irritate tender skin, keep several pairs of cotton gloves around the house to protect your hands while doing chores. When these gloves get dirty, wash them in soap. If your fingertips aren’t affected by hand eczema, you can cut the glove tips off to stay cooler in hot weather.

For wet work, cotton gloves for dry hands, please put on your cotton gloves and then cover them with vinyl or neoprene gloves. Afterward, wash reusable eczema gloves inside-out and let them air dry thoroughly.

6.Where To Buy Cotton Gloves

Hebei Sinotools Industrial Co., Ltd. started in 2008 in China.  We are a trusted manufacturer of cotton gloves, focusing on quality, reliability and added value.  All of those years of business mean that we are experts in the safety industry, has been widely selected by world-class customers as one of their long term cooperative vendors. You can buy cotton gloves online with the best prices.

White Cotton Gloves 50 Pairs

(1)White Cotton Gloves 50 Pairs:

Each glove features a fitted design with a separately sewn thumb, so it can fit comfortably when worn.

White Cotton Gloves Bulk

(2)White Cotton Gloves Bulk:

They are made of cotton, which makes them comfortable and durable enough to be washed and re-used,They are economical, high quality, and, of course, reliable.

Wholesale Cotton Gloves

(3)Wholesale Cotton Gloves:

They are also comfortable, hence, can be worn for a prolonged period. Plus they are around 7 inches long and stretch a bit so that they can fit most people. The fact that they have a moisturizing effect means they can keep ointment or lotion on the skin, and this makes them perfect for dry, cracked hands. These gloves are also durable, and you will use them for long.

Thin White Cotton Gloves

(4)Thin White Cotton Gloves

Allows using for different purposes.

Washable design for long-lasting use.

Better comfort due to breathable design.

Package Info:

Pieces per Bag 12pcs/bag

Pieces per Carton 600pcs/carton

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