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Types Of Traffic Cones

Published on Dec. 14, 2020

Types Of Traffic Cones

1.What are traffic cones ?

Traffic cones also named road cones, highway cones, safety cones or construction cones. They are usually cone-shaped markers that are placed on roads or footpaths to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe manner. 

Types Of Traffic Cones

2.The Color of traffic cones

Orange cones are used to mark temporary traffic control zones.

Green safety cones signal increased pedestrian activity and mark entryways.

Blue traffic cones are used to mark available parking and signal overhead wires.

White traffic cones for valet parking or sponsor display.

Yellow safety cones help workers identify the proximity of overhead high voltage cables. 

Pink cones for children's celebrations areas.

Black cones are used in funerals.

Red safety cones guide indoor machine traffic and block workplace hazards.

Green cones are used to indicate the entrance to work sites from live carriageways. which can help drivers identify when to slow down and check for oncoming traffic.

Purple traffic cones may be used in sports, parties, and other events.

Green and White cones have been produced and placed to indicate access to a lane for drivers.

Yellow and White cones indicate that no stopping is permitted – important in areas with a heavy volume of traffic or quick-moving traffic.

Blue and white cones are used to indicate overhead structures and ensure that drivers of tall vehicles are aware of potential collisions. 

3.Types Of Traffic Cones

In general, there are three main types of  traffic cones based on their shape: traffic anti-bump barrel, cones, and tubes. 

Traffic Cones

4.Traffic Cones Sizes

12 in  for indoor or outdoor applications,

18 in  for outdoor applications such as free-way line painting,

28 in  for non-highway applications like local street,

36 in for free-way or high-way applications With reflective stripes.

5.What Are Traffic Cones Used For

Work Zones

A work zone is any highway area where there are construction, maintenance or utility activities taking place. 

Incident Zone

An incident zone is an area marked off by authorized personnel immediately after a traffic incident has occurred. It's established to prevent passersby from inadvertently entering into the incident zone. 

Special Lanes

Any time that roadside personnel need to divide vehicular lanes to accommodate a different traffic flow, they'll use traffic cones to mark these special lanes. They do the same when they need to mark special lanes for bikers, pedestrians or cyclists. 

Planned Events

There are certain areas marked with traffic cones that you cannot drive through. These are placed before planned events to allow traffic to circumvent the main area of activity. 

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