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Why It Is Important To Use Safety Goggles?

Published on Aug. 12, 2021

Why It Is Important To Use Safety Goggles?

Different types of accidents most often occur at industrial sites. Be it chemical accidents or electrocuting no one can ensure complete safety at the workplace even after providing safety equipment. Due to factors such as heat, light, mechanical damage, flying dust, and other suspended matter, most eye hazards occur in unpredictable circumstances. Workers may not realize that the polluted air around coal chimneys or silicon vaporizers can irritate their eyes. Or more seriously, they may be exposed to polluted air for a long time, and sudden eye reactions hinder their vision. Similarly, railway construction sites near diesel reservoirs also have an atmosphere containing hot hydrocarbon vapors. In this case, we must provide our workers with proper eye protection and ensure their complete safety.

What are safety goggles?

Safety goggles are designed to protect eyes from various hazards, such as chemical splashes, pollutants in laboratories, clean rooms, and heavy industrial environments, and are designed for direct or indirect ventilation. Its main purpose is to protect the eyes from damage or infection from various surrounding factors. It has different shapes and styles. In addition, it also comes with various coatings, such as anti-scratch, anti-ultraviolet, anti-static and anti-fog. Let's look at the various reasons for using safety goggles as eye protection.

Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles

Prevent various hazards:

Chemical, acidic or corrosive liquid

There are chemical, acid, and corrosive liquids around laboratories, medical testing and laboratory centers, pathology, oil refineries, etc. So the staff of these institutes works closely with these hazardous materials. It is necessary to ensure that workers use safety goggles when handling these chemicals and acids. In addition, if the goggles have anti-fog, high impact resistance, and corrosion resistance, it is beneficial.

Direct exposure to UV/IR radiation

Exposure to ultraviolet light is not only an environmental issue that you and I care about, but it is also the issue that the World Health Organization is most concerned about. Therefore, every industry-standard requires workers to use the best UV protection glasses to ensure that their eyes are completely protected from UV radiation. Even in a sunny and heavily polluted environment, workers must wear anti-UV glasses.

Molten metal particles

Industries such as coal mines, heavy metal construction, and purification have a strong thermal environment. This environment is composed of molten metal vapor, which can seriously affect the eyes of workers. In addition to metal refineries, there are also local auto repair shops, which contain high-energy radiation that is very harmful to the eye vision. Therefore, it is important to always wear safety goggles when working in this industry.

Another advantage of safety goggles over safety glasses is that it has a wrap-around design that helps protect the skin and vision near the eyes. It is best to go for a goggle design that possesses a frame and strap with proper fitting to your face cut and head size. Because it will help you experience a high level of eye safety from various dangers. In addition, make sure that the safety goggles you choose have all the attributes your industry workers need.

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