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Plastic Raincoat

Plastic Raincoat

Product Name:Plastic Raincoat

Item No : S09411

Material: PVC                                             

Waterproof rubber: PVC                                                   

Plastic fabric thickness: customiazed                               

Size: M/L/XL/XXL XXXL   


  • Lotus leaf water repellent fabric, waterproof, stronger windshield, comfortable raincoat set.

  • Breathable lining design makes the raincoat inside and outside double-layer breathable without worrying about the raincoat.

  • The hat can be hidden, and the hat that can be hidden at any time is both fashionable and beautiful.

  • Double shackle zipper design, metal zipper design, longer life and more waterproof.

  • This reusable poncho is tear-resistant and quick-drying, and can be used multiple times and is environmentally friendly.

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