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Raincoat For Men

Raincoat For Men

Product Name:Raincoat For Men

Item No : S09407

Material: Oxford fabric                                     

Waterproof rubber: PU                                                   

Plastic fabric thickness: customiazed                               



Our waterproof raincoats are designed for outdoor adventures. The weather in the wild is unpredictable, and carrying raincoats is the best option. These cloaks are unisex and can be easily placed in a backpack or pocket. They are lightweight but durable, and the drawstring ensures maximum protection. Even in stormy weather, you can continue hiking, camping, or cycling.

  • Using the water repellent effect of the lotus leaf effect, this technology is applied to raincoat fabrics to give the raincoat a strong waterproof ability.

  • The hat can be stored in the collar and is very practical and elegant.

  • Very practical - free and unlimited, reusable, portable, and lightweight.

  • Suitable for theme parks, rainy days, water rides, camping, etc.

  • The raincoat is durable, tear-resistant and lightweight. At the same time, it is soft, comfortable to wear, foldable, and small. Just put it in your backpack for an emergency.

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