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PVC Highneck Raincoat

PVC Highneck Raincoat

Product Name:PVC Highneck Raincoat

Item No : S09410

Material: PVC                                             

Waterproof rubber: PVC                                                   

Plastic fabric thickness: customiazed                               

Size: M/L/XL/XXL XXXL                                        

Highneck design, left and right lapel snaps link


  • Material: Made of new environmentally-friendly material, comfortable and breathable. It has certain anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties. Raincoats can be used multiple times. It has ultra-high water resistance, and rain and snow cannot penetrate the surface.

  • Design: Very lightweight. When you wear it, you don't feel the pressure. The rain won't stay in the raincoat. Gently wipe, fold, and store.

  • Lightweight and compact: These ponchos are very lightweight and can be easily folded into a wallet or put into a backpack without taking up space!

  • Uses: Perfect protection for cycling, hiking, camping, travel, and running in rainy or wet weather.

  • The full raincoat features a breathable lining that is breathable and comfortable.

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