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Fall Harness

Fall Harness

Product Name:Fall Harness

Item No : S11107


  • PROPER FIT, PROPER PERFORMANCE: Correct fit is essential for proper performance. Our fall harness supports users within the capacity range of 130 to 310 pounds (59 to 140 kg). To ensure proper fit, ensure that all buckles are connected and aligned, leg and shoulder straps are snug, and chest straps are in the center of the chest area.

  • REDUCE THE FEAR FACTOR: Our T-Safety  Industrial Full Body Harness has one  Dorsal Ring that is located on the back of the Harness and is the primary fall arrester attachment. It can also be used for restraint and rescue. During a fall, our fall harness directs the load through the shoulder straps and around the thighs. If a fall were to occur, the fall harness will bring you to an upright position with a slight lean to the front. Some pressure may occur on the lower chest.

  • SAFETY DESIGN REQUIREMENTS: If a fall were to occur, we want to ensure your safety by designing a safe and secure full body harness. The load-bearing straps of our 1D Full Body Harness are made out of pure non-recycled synthetic material, which has the strength, aging, abrasion, and heat resistance that is equivalent or superior to polyester and is lock stitched and securely back stitched together.

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