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Auto Darkening Welding Hoods

Auto Darkening Welding Hoods

Brand name : T-safety

Products name : auto darkening welding hoods(Auto Darkening Hood)

Model number: S03101

Color : silver, yellow, red, blue

ADF DX-4025


Auto Darkening Welding Shields

Auto-darkening welding shields, also known as auto-darkening welding helmets or welding masks, are essential safety equipment used by welders to protect their eyes and face during welding operations. Unlike traditional welding helmets, which have a fixed darkened lens, auto-darkening welding shields feature an electronically controlled auto-darkening lens that automatically adjusts its shade to protect the welder's eyes from the intense brightness of the welding arc.

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How Auto-Darkening Welding Shields Work

1.Sensors: Auto-darkening welding shields are equipped with sensors, typically placed on the front of the helmet, near the lens. These sensors detect the presence of the welding arc or any intense light source.

2.Light Detection: When the welding arc is struck, the sensors detect the sudden increase in light intensity and send a signal to the helmet's electronic control unit.

3.Electronic Control Unit: The electronic control unit is the brain of the auto-darkening helmet. It processes the signals from the sensors and triggers the auto-darkening mechanism.

4.Liquid Crystal Display (LCD): The auto-darkening lens in the helmet contains a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) that can change its opacity or darkness. When the control unit receives the signal from the sensors, it sends an electric current to the LCD.

5.Darkening Process: The electric current causes the LCD to darken rapidly, reducing the amount of light that passes through the lens. The transition from the light state (clear or shade 3 or 4) to the dark state (shades 8 to 13) usually occurs within milliseconds, effectively protecting the welder's eyes from the intense arc light.

6.Adjustable Shade: Many auto-darkening welding helmets have an adjustable shade setting. Welders can manually set the darkness level based on the welding process, material, and ambient lighting conditions. This allows for flexibility and customization according to specific welding requirements.

7.Return to Clear State: Once the welding arc is extinguished, the sensors detect the decrease in light intensity and signal the electronic control unit. The control unit then stops the current to the LCD, allowing it to return to its clear state (light state). The auto-darkening lens becomes transparent again, giving the welder a clear view of their workpiece and surroundings.

Benefits of Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets

-Improved Safety: Auto-darkening welding helmets provide continuous eye protection, eliminating the need to flip the helmet up and down between welds. This reduces the risk of eye strain, fatigue, and accidental exposure to harmful light.

-Convenience and Efficiency: With auto-darkening functionality, welders can work more efficiently, as they can maintain a clear view of their work without interruption.

-Customizable Shade Settings: The ability to adjust the shade level allows welders to optimize visibility and protection for different welding processes and working conditions.

Increased Productivity: Auto-darkening helmets can lead to increased productivity since welders can focus on their work without needing to constantly adjust their helmet.


  • The filter darkening reaction is 1/2,5000 sec.

  • Auto-darkening lens.

  • Battery-powered with solar-assist for long life(up to 5,000 hours).

  • Features auto-off circuitry at 15-20 min and low battery indicator.

  • Two independent arc sensors.

  • Optimal viewing area - 6 sq. in.

  • Auto darkening hood automatic power on/off with adjustable delay time.

  • 2 independent arc sensors reduce the risk of blocked sensors during out-of-position welding.

  • Variable shade control from #9 to #13 with a resting shade of #4.

  • Auto darkening hood lightweight and comfortable at 1.30 lbs.

  • Ratcheting headband with the comfort-cushioned interior - includes a replaceable padded sweatband.

  • Ideal for MMA, MIG, TIG, PAC, PAW, CAC-A, OFW, OC.

  • Variable shade 913, variable sensitivity and delay controls.

  • Lightweight well-balanced design fully adjustable headgear provides.

  • Comfort and reduces fatigue.

  • Includes replacement cover lenses.

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