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Auto Darkening Welding Hoods

Auto Darkening Welding Hoods

Brand name : T-safety

Products name : auto darkening welding hoods

Model number: S03101

Color : silver, yellow, red, blue

ADF DX-4025


Artery Topweld Series

Battery Powered With Solar-assist For Long Life(up to 5,000 hours,)

With Changeable Batteries Required.

Features Auto-off Circuitry at 15-20 min.and Low Battery Indicator.Two Independent Arc Sensors.

Filter darkening Reaction is 1/2,5000 sec.

ideal for MMA,MIG, TIG, PAC,PAW, CAC-A, OFW,OC .

Variable Shade 913,Variable Sensitivity and Delay Controls.

Light weight Well-balanced Design Fully Adjustable Headgear Provides

Comfort and Reduces Fatigue.

Includes Replacement Cover Lenses.

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