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Auto Darkening Welding Hoods

Auto Darkening Welding Hoods

Brand name : T-safety

Products name : auto darkening welding hoods(Auto Darkening Hood)

Model number: S03101

Color : silver, yellow, red, blue

ADF DX-4025


1.Welding Helmets

T-Safety auto darkening hood offer exceptional features, superior product warranty, and outstanding graphics at a surprisingly affordable price. 

This auto darkening hood is equipped with an auto-darkening lens that provides a 1/20,000 second switching speed. Featuring a lightweight comfortable design with an adjustable ratcheting headband for better fit and comfort. This welding helmet gives you the full view of your welding area with a variable shade control from #9 to #13 with a resting shade of #4.

2.Auto Darkening Hoods

  • The filter darkening reaction is 1/2,5000 sec.

  • Auto-darkening lens.

  • Battery-powered with solar-assist for long life(up to 5,000 hours).

  • Features auto-off circuitry at 15-20 min and low battery indicator.

  • Two independent arc sensors.

  • Optimal viewing area - 6 sq. in.

  • Auto darkening hood automatic power on/off with adjustable delay time.

  • 2 independent arc sensors reduce the risk of blocked sensors during out-of-position welding.

  • Variable shade control from #9 to #13 with a resting shade of #4.

  • Auto darkening hood lightweight and comfortable at 1.30 lbs.

  • Ratcheting headband with the comfort-cushioned interior - includes a replaceable padded sweatband.

  • Ideal for MMA, MIG, TIG, PAC, PAW, CAC-A, OFW, OC.

  • Variable shade 913, variable sensitivity and delay controls.

  • Lightweight well-balanced design fully adjustable headgear provides.

  • Comfort and reduces fatigue.

  • Includes replacement cover lenses.


3.How do auto darkening welding hoods work?

 UV OR IR Interference Filter:

The UV or IR filter comprises numerous metallic layers (5 silver layers, 6 aluminum oxide layers) and a thin glass substrate. With the help of the metallic layers, the filter has the ability to reflect and absorb 99.9% of the IR radiation within the ADL shade range. This helps to protect the wearer’s eye from harmful radiation , also to protect the liquid crystal panels from any heat damage due to the high temperatures present during welding. 

 LC Cell Liquid Crystal Cells :

Liquid Crystal Cells have the ability to turn the light. When lying flat, liquid crystal cells twist the light by 90 degrees. However, when stimulated by electricity, it is possible to manipulate how far the LCC’s bend the light.

Two polarising filters closest to the welder’s eye are aligned in the same direction, When the welding lens is switched off, the liquid crystals between the polarising filters bend the polarised light 90 degrees, meaning the lens will appear dark. This is a built-in safety feature that protects the eyes from very bright light in the event of the auto-darkening lens failing.

Conversely, when switched on, the liquid crystal cell between the first two polarisers un-twist the polarised light waves, causing the lens to drop down to a light shade of 3 before striking an arc. If this does not happen, do not continue welding as there is a problem with your ADL! Within 0.1 milliseconds of the arc being struck, the photosensors on the front of the lens activate the front liquid crystal panel which darkens the lens to your pre-selected dark state. The lens will then automatically return to the clear state after the weld is complete, allowing for immediate and safe inspection of the weld pool and preparation for the next weld.

4.Why is my auto darkening hood not working?

Replace Auto Darkening Hood Battery

Usually, a flickering side sensor light or a shaky auto-darkening filter just means you need to replace the batteries in your welding helmet. Of course, if your helmet doesn’t have replaceable batteries, then this problem most likely means you’re due for purchasing a new welding helmet. But, other than that, a simple battery replacement should fix this problem.

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