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Protective Cap Welding Helmet

Protective Cap Welding Helmet

Brand name :T-safety

Model number : S03118

Products name :Protective Cap Welding Helmet 


Protective Cap Welding Helmet

T-Safety protective cap welding helmet is designed for all welders. The extra-wide hard plastic lenses and anti-fog coating are scratch and water resistant, providing excellent vision and a high level of security against dust and debris. The welding lenses are impact resistant and ideal for use in workplaces with construction tools.

Can Welding Damage Your Eyes?

Between UV radiation and flying debris, welding can certainly cause damage to your eyes, but only if you don't observe the correct safety protocol. Since 25% of all welding injuries are eye-related, proper protective welding helmet on the job is a serious issue.

Is welding bad for your health?

Delayed introduction to welding smoke may cause lung harm and different kinds of malignant growth, including lung, larynx and urinary tract. ... Well being impacts from specific vapor may incorporate metal smoke fever, stomach ulcers, kidney harm and nervous system harm.

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